April 20

157 Families Express Joy As They Receive Food Items from the InnerCity Mission Food Bank


In line with her commitment to the global fight against hunger and our campaign to end child poverty, the InnerCity Mission organized a mega food distribution on the 5th of April.

The distribution took place at the InnerCity Mission Food Bank Headquarters and in 2 communities; Otumara and Sawmill Ajeba, Lagos Nigeria. About 200 families benefited from the distribution and they expressed their gratitude to the InnerCity Mission and her partners.

The InnerCity Mission Food Bank is the nerve center of our Food Program and the hub where stockpiles of food sourced are stored and managed for distribution to needy children in families, orphanages and inner-city communities we serve through our different interventions, programs, and initiatives.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to our esteemed partners for stocking the InnerCity Mission Food Bank with much-needed food supplies.

You can partner with our Food Bank today in the following ways;

  • · Organize a food drive either as a group, church, or organization
  • · Celebrate your birthday by donating food items


For details on how you can participate, kindly call 08123445240 or send an email to info@theinnercitymission.org

April 19

The InnerCity Mission and Partners in CE Abuja Zone Respond to Needs of 5000 IDPs from 5 Camps


The InnerCity Mission for Children in collaboration with partners in Christ Embassy Abuja Zone, tackled the issue of food insecurity as they provided free meals and home supplies (food items, toiletries, and warm clothing) for 5000 children and families drawn from 5 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps, giving them a reason to smile again.

The highly esteemed Regional Pastor, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, spoke about the impact the InnerCity Mission is making on countless lives around the world through her partners. Charles Oputa (a.k.a. Charly Boy), who is particularly touched by the plight of indigent children, was excited to witness this glorious impact, identifying so passionately with the vision of the InnerCity Mission and its drive to #EndChildPovertyNOW.

InnerCity Mission Supporter, Charles Oputa aka Charly Boy

It was a joyful celebration as the children and families, IDP camp chairmen and other stakeholders received the team. Their excitement was evident for all to see.

The beneficiaries not only had their obvious physical needs ministered to, their spirits and souls were nourished with God’s Word, which was delivered to them in English and Hausa, their predominant language. Over 400 indigent children and adults received Christ.

The joy and excitement of the beneficiaries knew no bounds as they showered words of praise to God and gratitude to the man of God, Pastor Chris, and partners of the InnerCity Mission, for the immense kindness extended to them.

Families return with food and other material supplies.

To help reach indigent children and families in countries where the need is greatest through the InnerCity Mission‘s Global Missions Initiative, send an email to info@theinnercitymission.org.

April 3

Pupils of InnerCity Mission Schools Embark on Educative Excursion to Fish Farms


Pupils of the InnerCity Mission School took learning beyond their classrooms by embarking on fun and educative trips to selected fish farms, in accordance with a vocation focus on fishery across the InnerCity Mission network of schools, for this school term.

The pupils observe various species of fish in aquaria.

Pupils of the InnerCity Mission School, Ikeja, and Aba Centers, went on an excursion to fish farms within their different locations: Mr Fish Aqua Farm in Lagos; and, Ejedd Fish Farm in Abia State. The children were excited to learn, as they asked questions on different species at the farms and the care of aquatic animals.

An exciting time for pupils and instructors.

These trips, which are part of the InnerCity Mission’s Play and Learn initiative, served to add a realistic dimension to the term’s focus. The InnerCity Mission’s Play and Learn initiative opens up a world with endless possibilities for the children to tap into their creativity and enrich their learning experience.

A pupil of the InnerCity Mission School plays with a turtle.

To sponsor a child at the InnerCity Mission School, visit http://www.theinnercitymission.ngo/donate

March 16

The InnerCity Mission School Takes Home Trophy at Debate’s Grand Finale


The grand finale of the InnerCity Mission’s inter-school debate competition came with heightened expectations after the semifinals which held in the month of February.

5 schools, InnerCity Mission School (Ikeja, Festac and Badagry centers), Peccas School, and Value Plus Primary School, competed in this final round still on the topic, “Child Poverty: Who is to blame? Society or the Parents?”

After intense sessions of debate, the InnerCity Mission School, Ikeja center emerged the champion with Peccas School coming in second place and Value Plus School in third place.

Thank you, dear partners, for sponsoring the 2018 InnerCiy Mission’s inter-school debate competition.

Your partnership gives indigent children the platform to express themselves. With your continuous support, the InnerCity Mission through her Educational Program is committed to raising future leaders who would be bold to speak up for changes in their societies.

To support our Educational Program, kindly visit www.theinnercitymission.ngo/donate

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March 5

Pupils of InnerCity Mission Schools Put Love to Action on Visit to 4 Orphanages


Love was put into action by pupils of the InnerCity Mission‘s network of schools in Ikeja, Festac and Badagry, Lagos, as they shared, cared and helped those in need. The pupils visited 4 orphanages: Wil-Wil Orphanage; LifeChanger Less Privileged Home; Royal Diamond Orphanage; and, Heritage Home.

The children arrive at one of the orphanages visited.

It was an opportunity on Charity Day to express God’s liquid love as they made personal donations of food and household items. Some of these children barely have enough, but having learned the lifestyle of giving, from the “much” they have, they put smiles on the faces of less-privileged children at the orphanages.

Pupils of the InnerCity Mission Schools take a tour of a facility visited.


It was nothing but joy and smiles as the management and children of the institutions visited appreciated the pupils for their kind gesture.

Pupils present food items to various orphanages.


You too can demonstrate love by sponsoring love collections that save the lives of the indigent; visit www.theinnercitymission.ngo/lovecollection to learn more and become a part of this initiative.


February 27

InnerCity Mission School Ikeja Excels at Debate Competition, Heads to Finals


Child poverty has been a source of concern globally, and the subject of whom or what is responsible is still debatable. To answer this pertinent question, the InnerCity Mission organized the first Inter-School Debate Competition on the topic ‘Child Poverty: Who is to Blame? Parents or Society?‘.

Pupils arriving at the venue of the debate competition.

The first round of the competition kicked off with 9 selected schools in Lagos represented. These schools were: the InnerCity Mission School Ikeja, Festac and Badagary centers, Value Plus, SpringForth, Peccas, Faith, KenMike, and Veritas Primary Schools.

A pupil gives her argument on the issue of child poverty.

The debate commenced with a message from the InnerCity Mission’s Head of Educational Program, Mrs. Vanessa Nosegbe, who emphasized the importance of the event. The debate was organized to sharpen the ability of the pupils to think critically and articulate these thoughts, and also to educate them on contemporary issues in the society they live in, spurring them to be agents of change in nation-building.

Other children in the audience respond with excitement.

Selection for the first round winners was tough for the judges as each representative analyzed and delivered with confidence and strong reasons their position on the topic given. At the end of the round, 5 schools scaled the hurdle, moving to the final round, with the InnerCity Mission School, Ikeja center, taking the lead.

Section of representatives from various schools.

Also, for outstanding performance, Ayomide Osunde, a pupil of the InnerCity Mission School, Ikeja center, was recognized as the ‘Best Speaker’ for her delivery and content. Come March 1st, the final round is sure to be an inspiring treat. Follow the InnerCity Mission SuperUser on KingsChat for updates on the journey.

Ayomide Osunde, recognized as ‘Best Speaker’ from the InnerCity Mission School.

To sponsor the InnerCity Mission’s educational programs and initiatives, visit this link: https://goo.gl/ZC3atd.

February 12

Equipping Inner-city Community Teachers with First Aid CPR Training


The #InnerCityMission in collaboration with Trauma Care International organised the first of a series of first-aid CPR training for 62 school teachers in 3 Community Schools in Kosofe Local Govt, Lagos, Nigeria.

This initiative is aimed at educating school teachers in different inner-city communities the InnerCity Mission has its work on how to handle basic health emergencies. The objective is to build a workforce that would help achieve best healthcare practices for indigent children in these communities knowing that they are exposed to life-threatening health situations due to poverty.

This is part of the efforts of the InnerCity Mission to achieve the 3rd Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) which is focused on ensuring healthy lives, especially for children.
The training continues and you can be a part of this initiative by sponsoring the work of the InnerCity Mission to help deliver free healthcare services to the indigent among other interventions.

Click here to give.
Visit our website www.theinnercitymission.ngo for more information.

Remember, every child is your child.

August 11

Graduates of InnerCity Mission School Toast to a Future “Bigger than Yesterday”

  • Graduating Pupils Marching In
  • View of Graduating Pupils
  • Head of School Welcomes Pupils And Guests
  • Handover Ceremony of School Prefectship
  • Some Parents of Pupils
  • View of Some Guests Present At The Event
  • Special Presentation From Pupils
  • Pupils With Partners of the InnerCity Mission - Oriflame Nigeria
  • A Pupil Proudly Displaying His Certificate
  • Multiple Award-Winning Gyang Marcus And Mother
  • Pastor Omoh Alabi Releasing Words of Blessing On The Graduating Pupils
  • Pupils Receiving Every Word of Blessing
  • Toasting To A Glorious Future
  • Cheers!
  • Graduating Pupils With Dignitaries Present At The Event
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  • Pastor Omoh Alabi and Tamila Ksrimova
Graduating Pupils Marching In1 View of Graduating Pupils2 Head of School Welcomes Pupils And Guests3 Handover Ceremony of School Prefectship4 Some Parents of Pupils5 View of Some Guests Present At The Event6 Special Presentation From Pupils7 Pupils With Partners of the InnerCity Mission - Oriflame Nigeria8 A Pupil Proudly Displaying His Certificate9 Multiple Award-Winning Gyang Marcus And Mother10 Pastor Omoh Alabi Releasing Words of Blessing On The Graduating Pupils11 Pupils Receiving Every Word of Blessing12 Toasting To A Glorious Future13 Cheers!14 Graduating Pupils With Dignitaries Present At The Event15 On To The Next Level16 Pastor Omoh Alabi and Tamila Ksrimova17
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It was a celebration of success on Tuesday, July 25th, at the InnerCity Mission School’s (Ikeja Center, Lagos) Valedictory Ceremony. The event was graced with the presence of esteemed partners, including the esteemed Assistant Secretary-General of BLW Inc., Pastor Afolabi Oketunji, award-winning Gospel reggae legend, Buchi, the Country Director of Oriflame Nigeria, Tamila Ksrimova, and more.

It was also a delight to see over 150 alumni of the InnerCity Mission School from as far back as 6 years, some who are now young adults in the university, present at the event. Spoken word performances, a ceremonial handover of leadership positions, a special dance presentation from the graduating pupils, exhortations by alumni all served to add a special touch to the day for everyone present.

Several of the graduating pupils received special awards for their outstanding performance as pupils of the InnerCity Mission. Notable among them was Gyang Marcus, a 13year old boy. At age 8, Gyang could neither read nor write. He could not even spell or write his own name. However, in 2012, through the InnerCity Mission’s back-to-school campaign, Gyang, with many other indigent children, was enrolled into the InnerCity Mission School. At the graduation ceremony, the young boy who could neither read nor write emerged the best pupil in English, Mathematics and other subjects. Not only that, he also received several other awards such as best in sports, the most dedicated School Prefect, and most well-behaved pupil!

As each graduating pupil walked up to receive their first school leaving certificates, the parents present openly expressed their joy, grateful for the milestone completed, an academic journey which some of the kids would not have begun without the effort of InnerCity Mission partners.

The graduates had a special dance presentation to the song ‘Bigger Than Yesterday‘ by Israel Strong, a track specially chosen to symbolize their move to greater heights.

The climax of the event was the release of potent words of blessing into the lives of the graduates as the highly esteemed Pastor Omoh Alabi declared uncommon exploits in their next and higher level of life. This remarkable occasion was made possible by partners, who stand with the InnerCity Mission to ensure no indigent child is left behind.

You can join the InnerCity Mission this year to send 10,000 children back to school, giving them an opportunity of a lifetime. Click here to sponsor a child or visit www.theinnercitymission.ngo/backtoschool.

August 2

InnerCity Mission School’s 2017 Prize-Giving Day

  • Head Teacher Welcoming Pupils and Parents
  • View of Pupils at Event
  • Head of School Presenting Awards
  • An Emotional Moment
  • Big Smiles
  • Best in Mathematics Award Recipient
  • Proud Parent of an Award Recipient
  • Happy Smiles
  • Some of the Award Recipients
Head Teacher Welcoming Pupils and Parents1 View of Pupils at Event2 Head of School Presenting Awards3 An Emotional Moment4 Big Smiles5 Best in Mathematics Award Recipient6 Proud Parent of an Award Recipient7 Happy Smiles8 Some of the Award Recipients9
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Prize-Giving Day is a special time to commend and applaud pupils who did exceptionally well during the school session. In closing the 2016/2017 academic session, parents and invited guests were present to cheer such pupils at the InnerCity Mission School’s Prize-giving Day 2017.

The ceremony began with the opening prayer and a speech by the Head of School, Mrs Vanessa Nosegbe, who congratulated all the pupils on a successful school session. Pupils who had distinguished themselves in various areas such as punctuality, and in subjects such as English language and Mathematics, were given special recognition awards. Commendation awards were also given to pupils who had improved greatly or had made outstanding contributions during the school session. Parents and pupils alike excitedly cheered as recipients of awards walked up majestically  to receive their prizes.

It was truly beautiful to watch as children who but for the intervention of partners of the InnerCity Mission may have been out of schoolWe say “thank you” to our partners from all around the world; every award recipient is proof that your partnership is working.

For more information on how to support the InnerCity Mission’s Educational Program, kindly send a mail to info@theinnercitymission.org.

Click here to join the InnerCity Mission to send 10,000 indigent children back to school this new school session.