The Plight of the Indigent Child

herePLIGHT-OF-THE-INDIGENT“The Plight of the Indigent Child”


Downtown Lagos, Otumara, a slum community where most of the residents live in wooden shacks about a meter wide and families exist on less than $10 a day.


We met Bisi [not her real name] a widow with four[4] kids who struggles daily to fend for her family whose little boy was drawing very close to his death – he was suffering from Kwashiorkor. She gives him some homemade remedies to relive him of pain because she cannot afford to pay for proper health care. Statistics show that each year, 10.6 million children die before their fifth birthday……Bisi’s son, Michael was about to become one of them unless we did something.


So Harry and I decided to do a Photo documentary to highlight the plight of Michael and the several other indigent living there. To properly show the environment, I stepped up on the only thing I could find that gave me a little elevation – some rocks bordering the road. I used an 8mm fisheye lens to capture the widest view possible, keeping the horizon more downwards cutting off the sky, hoping I still had enough detail in covering the environment.

the innercity mission for children a slum community

After we shot the first set of photos, the InnerCity Mission through her partners came to the rescue and after three[3] weeks of intensive treatment in a teaching hospital, Michael bounced back to life healthy, strong and ready to play till the break of dawn. By our next visit, Michael was full of life and couldn’t stay away from my lens; like every other infant, he was fascinated with my camera and repeatedly reached out to touch it. Now that gave me the opportunity to click non-stop.


Michael and his family are currently enrolled in the InnerCity Mission Family Support Program and are on the waiting list for family adoption.
You can be a part of the transformation of this family. Please Click here to participate now.

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Every Child is your Child

My Bank of Love…My Bank of Hope

Invest in My Bank of Hope
They say I am too young to have a bank account. My reply? “Am I too young for love?”
There is one bank that satisfies my heart’s quest for love, my account there never runs dry and although I make no deposits, I can make withdrawals anytime. There are no conditions attached and no hidden charges or interest rates. And their doors are always open to me…no closing time.
I have an account with the InnerCity Mission Food bank; they put me first and they put me ahead always. I am their treasured customer and they fill me with hope.
Because of their free and reliable services, I never have to go to bed hungry. I love my bank and it loves me even more!
You can ‘invest’ in my bank to help them give many more children like me a cause to smile.

Circle of Dreams

“I want to be a doctor!”
“I want to be a teacher!”
“I want to be a pilot!”
“I want to be the President!”
Nurturing the hopes and dreams of children is preserving a future of possibilities….
Support the InnerCity Mission today and help us keep their dreams alive.

My Dance of Hope … Be My Music

I hope you make me dance

I dance in hope and I dance in faith. Hope that one day, there will be music in my future; faith that soon, someone would rise up and be my music.
Would you be my music?
Your partnership with the InnerCity Mission would bring me the future of greatness I long for.
I am counting on YOU to be my music.

Laughter for Strength

Laughter for Strength

The laughter of children is one of the most beautiful sounds in the world. Their laughter has no color, knows no status, and is uninhibited. It is said that children laugh 150 times a day. We must keep them full of laughter and hope. For in laughter, they find strength; in laughter, they can dream; in laughter, they have reason to believe in a future of possibilities.
Help an indigent child laugh today.

Let’s Keep Hope Alive


OK! So it has been a while since I posted on this photo blog of mine, But I have repented now… So here goes … There is a whole lot more coming up on the ShutterSpeaks Blog and I am excited because we would go on a jolly ride this year. Yes, YOU and I. But you have to promise me something, that while I do my art, you would do your part. I would be shooting some photo documentaries all geared towards showing the “Plight of the Indigent Child”. Oh yeah, that’s one of the titles of one of my series coming up. And you, my dear reader, are going to be getting exciting sneak peeps from these. You have a most important role to play however. You would show that you saw or read my posts and then share with your friends on the different social media platforms you are on, from Facebook, to Instagram, to Twitter, to Yookos, and every other one you are on.

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So, that’s officially my first blog for 2015! Happy New Year to YOU!! … Now…let the photo blogging begin!!!


A Moving And Emotional Shot

Every time I look at this picture, I feel my emotions rushing to the surface. The way he holds the child clearly shows it’s his and he is not about to give it up. He is looking at the child as though there is nothing he loves more than this tiny,beautiful wonder in his arms. This is a picture of Segun Olagoke and one of his triplets; visit the What About the Children Blog to read his story.

A Classic shot of InnerCity Mission Kidz

Here’s one of my favourite shots…..not just because of the perfect lighting, colors and its perspective, but because of the stories behind the faces in this picture. This group of children was once exposed to the vagaries of life; some have lived their lives on the streets with nothing to eat, trying to survive even at a tender age. Others know what it feels to rummage through refuse for something to eat, or sleep out in the cold. What about those who have had to hawk or beg every morning just to get money for the days meal?

Now take a good look at the picture once again as I present to you, the InnerCity Mission Kidz; they were on their way to Accra, Ghana, on a Summer Dream Trip – an initiative of the InnerCity Mission of Christ Embassy. Their lives have been given a meaning and now they enjoy what every child deserves. Click here to download a free copy of Photo Magazine chronicling the sights and events of the 2011 Summer Dream trip to Accra, Ghana.