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An Exclusive Interview with InnerCity Mission GWA – BUCHI [Part II]

The chat with multiple award winning Reggae Gospel artiste- BUCHI  continues as He shares his near kidnap experience with religious militants, His unwavering passion for the InnerCity Mission and the immense benefits of reaching out to indigent children.

Ijeoma: You are also a passionate Goodwill ambassador of the InnerCity Mission, you have written several songs to raise awareness on the plight of the indigent child, why does this mean so much to me

listening to the song "let them come" i want want people to have the hunger and passion to help children"

Every Child is Your Child

Buchi: Why does the InnerCity Mission mean so much to me?  First of all it is my act of obedience to the command of my prophet who said “go after them, look around you, there is a child hurting somewhere, look around you, there a child who needs your help. Every Child is your Child”.

But look at it closely, the scripture says – ‘He who gives to the poor lends to the Lord and the Lord pays big time’ but even if there was nothing to gain from it, I also know that when your get involved with the InnerCity Mission you secure the future of your own biological children. Can I tell you something very quickly? In my Country Nigeria, there’s been a rise in insurgency, religious militancy. People who have positioned themselves against the church of Jesus Christ and seek to destroy her- that’s if they could.

I went to a place in Northern part of Nigeria to minister and at the end of the program as I stepped down from the stage, there was a car with my “protocol and security detail” waiting to take me to my hotel room. I stepped into the car, one leg in the car, my right hand on the car handle, I was going to lift my right leg into the car but someone held me and as I looked down -it was a little boy, a child of 4 or 5 who held on to my trousers and wouldn’t let me get into the car .

"But for that little boy, I would have gone into the wrong vehicle kidnapped...

“But for that little boy, I would have gone into the wrong vehicle kidnapped…

I couldn’t shake him off so I picked him up, then a man came running from a distance saying “ Buchi, Buchi, that boy loves you, He can sing all your songs , please take a picture with him. So I carried the boy to my chest and took some photographs with him. In anger the driver and my protocol detail shouted “Don’t you know the security situation here, Man of God let’s go, Let’s get out of this place  it is dangerous! we need to leave! So I made to drop him but the child held on tight to my shirt and so more photographs.

In the cause of the photo session some men showed up, and they asked “where is your bible and notepad? We are here for you” and I asked who they were? They replied “we are your protocol and security details and I told thbuchi 5em I had already given some people earlier who said they were my security details my bible and notepad. They then asked who, I turned to show them the car waiting for me, as soon as the other people saw that they had been exposed they sped off from the scene almost knocking people as they went. But for that little child I would have gone into the wrong vehicle kidnapped by religious Islamic militants but God sent me an angel in the form of a 4 year old boy. Immediately I felt so cold and had an understanding that this happened particularly because of my involvement with the InnerCity Mission for children.

Yes I do love children like Jesus loves children “I and my father are one” but I do know also that if you partner with the InnerCity Mission, Great indeed is your reward!

Ijeoma: You must have experienced a lot working on the frontline with the InnerCity Mission, can you share your most touching experience so far and what effect did this have on you?

Buchi: I had gone with the InnerCity Mission to a certain location in Lagos to pick up a stranded family [Three children and a mother]  who lived behind an electric transformer- an extremely dangerous place to be but they were no longer afraid of the danger of electrocution. While taking them off the street, I saw something strange- I saw another family of a woman and two children and I asked the woman we came for originally on details of this family and she replied that their house got burnt so she decided to call the other woman to give her some space so she could also shelter her children. I was so touched, I was moved to tears because that said to me that  this woman might have attracted the  InnerCity Mission and all we have now done for her by that act of sowing a part of her accommodation to this other stranded family

That also taught me that everybody has something to give. You can’t say- it just a paltrybuchi sum that I have”. Though this woman whom was a potential recipient of what we brought, in her sorry state gave something to another family. She had a heart to share a part of “that accommodation” with another family in need. That for me was particularly touching, no wonder years later when I see her children that we took from that place; I see them radiant and doing well, looking like our own biological children. I say to myself that no wonder God indeed rewards Giving!

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Concludes in Part III

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This Easter, was an opportunity for our Partners in University of Jos, Plateau state Nigeria of BLW  Zone I to show their love for the children.

Our Partners who had taken a pledge to stand with our Man of God Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, to #EndChildPovertyNow were seen on the streets, door to door, rendering services within their community all to create awareness on the plight of the indigent child and to raise funds to support the work of the InnerCity Mission for Children.

zone i

 The services included washing of cars, plaiting of hair, fetching of water, community clean up amongst others. Recipients of the services were excited and commended the team for pursuing such a worthy cause…saying this was a true Christian practice.

zone iivzone iv

The Head envoy- Pastor Tosin Ogunmodi, speaking to the team reiterated “the #ENDCHILDPOVERTYNOW campaign is a movement, and We would keep working to make a significant difference in the lives of indigent children”.
zone iii

YOU can join the Movement TODAY to #EndChildPovertyNOW by logging on to www.theinnercitymission.org/EndChildPovertyNow or clickfundraise.theinnercitymission.org to launch an online Charity Event which would bring hope to the life of an indigent child.

Remember Every Child is your Child!

BLW Zone E Organise Food Drive against Child hunger

On Sunday May 3rd 2015, Partners of the InnerCity Mission in BLW Zone E organised a Food Drive in their bid to #EndChildPovertNOW

The event started with a beautiful rendition specially dedicated to the children in the inner cites after which the Zonal Pastor of BLW Zone E – Pastor Mike Bazuaye officially declared the Food Drive open.


It was “love in action” as the students gave of themselves, bringing food donations big and small to ensure the children we reach will not have to struggle for daily meals nor go to bed hungry.


One could tell from the smiles on the faces of the students that they were excited to be a part of a campaign that brings lasting solutions to the challenge of the poor. When asked, a participant – Martins Valerie says “This food drive was an avenue for me to bless lives, change destinies and give a brighter future to these lovely children” 

Many thanks to our young, vibrant and passionate Partners of BLW Zone E for joining forces with the InnerCity Mission for Children.


You too can organise a Food Drive as a Zone, Group, Chapter or as an individual. For more details, Connect with us TODAY by sending an email to: info@theinnercitymission.org or visit www.theinnercitymission.org and lets inspire you!

Special Birthday Greetings to our GWA- ADA!

HBD Ada- The InnerCity Mission Goodwill Ambassador.

Hurray! InnerCity Mission GWA, Renowned Gospel artist and song writer Ada celebrates her birthday TODAY.The InnerCity Mission wishes you a spectacular birthday, and thanks you Specially for making #EveryChildYourChild.

From all the kids whose lives you have given a meaning, We say HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Remember to send you birthday greetings to Ada here.